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Wet Spam Weekend Thread

Discussion in 'at the bar' started by Dawnie, Nov 23, 2012.

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    Dawnie (started thread) Moderator

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    SoN cash::
    Another weekend of nothing for me..........

    Today: I was a scrubber today, yep, scrubbing bits of damp off the wall. Tidied up house. Ordered bloke's Xmas pressies and caught up wth Corrie and I'm a Celeb. Had such a s**t week, so having another large glass of vino and downloaded telly tonight.
    Tomorrow: Nothing - need payday to happen, we did quite well this month, considering it was our first full pay of the school year, and managed to pay for trip home at Xmas and a montón of other stuff too. So, after last Saturday's Downton Abbey and Chicago Fire-a-thon, have a couple more CF's to watch, and maybe catch up on Bones (I lead such an exciting life...... I should really start writing some reports for class........)
    Sunday: Our game on my laptop and the Athletic game possibly on pad, if our internet is working, that is.

    Hope you all have a much better one than me!! (although I will enjoy it!) Stay safe y'all! :thumbsup:

    Dawnie xx
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    JohnnyB Danny Blanchflower

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    Jul 24, 2009
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    SoN cash::
    I was going to do stuff...but the car didn't start! :confused:

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